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Use of Thermal Sublimation Transfer Paper

date:2018-12-04 14:59
1. What is thermal sublimation transfer
2. Printers suitable for our products
Common inkjet printers: Epson C65, 830u, R210, R310, R800, 1520K, EX3, 1290, 2100, Lenovo: CJ100, etc.
Wide-band inkjet printers: Epson 3000, 4000, 4000HS, 7600, 9600, 10600; Roland, Mutoh, Encad, Mimaki, etc.
3. Use special heat sublimation transfer ink
Thermal sublimation transfer ink must be used. This ink made of disperse dyes will sublimate at transfer temperature and dye with the substrate. Good quality thermal sublimation ink should not block the nozzle, the color is lifelike, good stability.
4. Adjusting the Appropriate Color Concentration
In the computer to adjust the concentration of color, to avoid too much ink is not easy to dry, after the adjustment need to check the effect of heat transfer printing.
5. Adjusting the appropriate temperature and time of hot pressing
The temperature range of heat transfer is about 180 - 230 C, and the time is about 10 - 30 seconds. The optimum process parameters should be determined by a small test before the formal batch transfer.
6. The hot pressing surface must be close to each other in heat transfer printing.
In hot transfer printing, the hot press surface, transfer paper and the surface of the substrate must be close to each other, and there must be no gap, otherwise the transfer image and text will be blurred.
7. Advantages of Heat Sublimation Transfer Printing
Thermal sublimation transfer printing has bright color and rich texts, and its effect is comparable to that of printing. Thermal sublimation transfer printing is to sublimate heat transfer ink into objects at high temperature, and then form bright color images after sublimation. Therefore, the heat transfer product is durable, the image will not fall off, crack and fade.


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