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Digital Inkjet Thermal Sublimation Transfer

date:2018-12-04 15:01
Digital inkjet thermal sublimation transfer printing is to use digital cameras or scanners and professional galleries to digitize the image data, process and design the image by computer, to make the required colorful and delicate image, and then print the ink on the basis of the image designed by computer through an inkjet printer equipped with special thermal sublimation transfer ink. On paper, the image on the transfer paper is then heated by a cup-baking machine, a tray-baking machine or a baking press. Within minutes, the image is transferred to souvenirs such as porcelain plates and cultural shirts.
1. Manufacture of Thermal Sublimation Transfer Printing Paper
The manufacturing process of thermal sublimation transfer paper is similar to that of digital color inkjet proofing system. That is to say, the computer is used to process and design the pictures, photographs, etc. of thermal transfer printing, and the digital inkjet printer is used to print on the base paper. The digital inkjet printer is equipped with four independent ink cartridges: yellow, product, blue and black, so it can be used on the base paper. Play monochrome image, you can also play color image. This inkjet printer saves the plate making process, reduces the production cost, and makes the heat transfer process more simple.
2. Heat transfer patterns on cups, plates, boards and other souvenirs
The pattern on the heat sublimation transfer paper can be transferred to the cup in a few minutes by an electronic digitally controlled toaster. Using the toaster to make a beautiful, full-color picture on the cup, only special transfer ink and a cup with special coating are needed, which is convenient and fast to operate.
The pattern on the heat sublimation transfer paper can be transferred to the plate in a few minutes by an electronic digitally controlled baking tray machine. Equipped with special transfer ink, various patterns can be baked on a special plate by using a baking tray machine.
Electronic digital controlled baking press can transfer patterns on heat sublimation transfer paper to ceramic and metal plates in a few minutes. Applicable to the production of medals, certificates of honor, memorials, portrait porcelain plate.
3. Smart card dye thermal sublimation penetration color imaging technology
Card printing has a long history of lithography, embossing, gravure and screen printing. With the rapid development of high technology, card printing has developed to thermal transfer and thermal sublimation transfer. Thermal transfer printing has been discussed in the front, mainly about the application of thermal sublimation transfer printing in card printing.
There are two forms of color thermal sublimation transfer card printing. One is to use a ribbon. The ribbon is a set of yellow, product, blue and black sections. Each section has the same length as the card. Take PTSO00 smart card equipment sold by Beijing Leopard Chi Technology Development Co., Ltd. for example, the printing speed is 28s/card, and the head resolution is 12do. T/mm (300 dpi), 250 cards can be printed with ribbon. Card surface materials are PVC, not PET and so on.
Another is the use of color separation ribbons. The process of color printing is printed separately by four color bands: blue, pin, yellow and black. That is to say, only one color band is installed in each color printing unit, thus avoiding the inherent disadvantages of the traditional four color segmentation ribbons, reducing the cost of consumables, realizing color individualization, and printing head. Life expectancy is also greatly prolonged. For example, PT6000 smart card equipment sold by Beijing Leopard Chi Technology Development Co., Ltd. has a printing resolution of 300 dpi, a maximum production speed of 650 cards/h (including data transmission time), a printing capacity of 3300-10000 cards with ribbons, card surface materials ABS, PC, PET, PVC, etc.


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