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How to distinguish heat sublimation transfer paper?

date:2018-12-04 15:04
I. transfer rate
Transfer rate is one of the basic properties of transfer paper, which distinguishes the characteristics of ordinary ink-jet paper. A good transfer rate can make the color of the transferred material more brilliant and save ink. At present, there is no transfer rate test standard in China, and domestic transfer paper manufacturers generally do not have this enterprise standard. Enterprise standard is the ratio of whiteness of transfer paper before and after transfer under standard transfer conditions.
II. Ink compatibility
As a manufacturer of transfer paper, the transfer paper needs to adapt to all kinds of transfer ink as much as possible, so that the solubility of the transfer paper coating to all kinds of sublimation ink is appropriate, so that the ink pattern on the transfer paper can be delicately reflected without penetrating the coating to the bottom of the paper, resulting in low transfer rate.
Three. Drying speed
The fast drying speed undoubtedly makes it easy for users to use, and can facilitate continuous printing and improve delivery speed. Printing speed is also a parameter for transfer paper manufacturers to track the increasing printing speed of printers. At present, the drying speed of world famous transfer paper manufacturers is compared as follows: (surface hygrometer method)
Jetcool Quick-drying Paper 6 points
Korea (Han Song) 11 points
China (Quick Drying Paper) 7 points (Ordinary Paper) 19 points
A Chinese enterprise scored 3 points (though the transfer rate is very low, rough surface can not be applied).
IV. Warpage Degree and Warpage Time
Transfer paper is a kind of coated paper. The difference of the stretching ratio between the coated layer and the base paper under drying and high temperature will cause one-sided warpage. When the transfer paper warps, the following operations will be inconvenient:
1. The printer is inconvenient to feed paper. (Normal temperature drying warping)
2. When printing in large quantities and stacking in sheets, it is inconvenient to arrange because of warping. (Normal temperature drying warping)
3. Transfer failures are caused by the misalignment of the transfer paper with the fabric due to warping of the transfer paper before heat transfer. (Normal temperature drying warping)
4. Under the hot transfer ironing board, the warping and rolling of the transfer paper will cause the transfer misalignment and result in the transfer failure. (high temperature warpage)
At present, the products produced by various transfer paper mills at home and abroad have different degrees of warping. The excellent transfer paper has smaller warping angle and slower warping, which can meet the needs of smoothness and time in the production process of printing and transfer, and is easy to operate.
Overcoming warpage is a difficult problem for transfer paper manufacturers to overcome with joint efforts. Double-sided coating can effectively improve warpage, but this increases production costs. Most domestic transfer paper production equipment often do not have such conditions, and can only be improved from coating formulation and production process.
5. Printing wrinkle sprinkler
Ink-jet transfer paper requires that the smaller the wrinkle, the better. If the wrinkle is serious during printing, it is likely that the paper will arching to the sprinkler head, especially when the roughness of the paper surface is large, the sprinkler head is more likely to damage the delicate sprinkler head (some enterprises add coarse inorganic powder to the coating formulation to reduce the cost, making the surface of transfer paper like sandpaper. . The main way to reduce the wrinkling of transfer paper is to start with the base paper. When the base paper wrinkles, coating and printing wrinkles are small. Secondly, the coating formula is improved to reduce wrinkling.
The coating formula of transfer paper is nano-material, which ensures the smoothness of the transfer paper surface in more than 3 seconds without damaging the nozzle.
6. Impurity Spots on Paper Surface
Spots (impurities) on the surface of transfer paper are an important index of transfer paper. These spots may be produced from base paper, coating or production process. Spots seriously harm large areas of pure color printing, but have little effect on pattern printing. There are many problems in domestic transfer paper, a lot of investigation and research work have been done to eliminate the spots, and many efforts have been made to produce and eliminate the spots. There are strict regulations and control on the base paper, coating formulation and production process, but there are still 1-2 spots per square metre at present. With the introduction of new formulation, there are still 1-2 spots per square metre. Transportation and equipment renovation is expected to eliminate spots and reach the international advanced level.
VII. Stability of quality
For example, the stability of quality is an important index of usability. Surface quality of transfer paper is closely related to user's ink, print data setting and parameter setting of transfer machine. The fluctuation or constant change of surface quality of transfer paper will force end users to follow the adjustment, such as the original color calibration needs to be redone, which has been mentioned previously. Printing samples supplied to customers can not be reproduced but can only be redone, etc., so terminal customers need quality stability very much. Transfer paper manufacturers must attach great importance to this point, because only quality stability can win a group of loyal customers belonging to you.
Transfer paper parameters of various countries;
Dutch Thermal Sublimation Transfer Paper; 70 grams in weight, double-sided coating, color transfer rate of more than 95%, the price is about four pieces per square.
Korean Thermal Sublimation Transfer Paper: 100g and 90g weight, double-sided coating, color transfer rate of about 95%, price more than three yuan per square.
Domestic heat sublimation transfer paper: 80g/100g/110g/120g, double-sided and single-sided coatings, color transfer rate about 95%, price about two pieces per square.


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